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Of late, I have been stuck by the Control Freak bee. I heard about this GTD way of organising stuffs and 43 folders things. Sounded like a simple and uncluttered way of doing things. I also bumped across the site which is really a cool and amazing tool. The interface is very clean, neat and absolutely simple. So this is the list of things I liked about Todoist.

  • Nice, neat and uncluttered interface
  • Easy and simple queries. You can use simple shortcuts like od (overdue), tod (today) for searching the tasks
  • Want to edit a task. Just click on the task (no submit to the server, no roundtrip, salute AJAX), start editing it. More than that, you can use shortcuts for the date. "next fri" is enough for the tool understand the date of the task. You can set recurring tasks as well.
  • Tasks and sub-tasks can be assigned so quickly. There are lots of keyboard shortcuts, but me, a windows-sedated user prefer using the mouse.
  • What else, you can get this integrated with GMail. From the GMail conversation you can create a task into Todoist.

I was also surprised to know about the people behind the site. Wunderkind must be the word to describe them. Two whizkids Amir and Armin are people behind this site. Amazing job guys.

Enough of my rant, go to Todoist now and check it out, how good it is.


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