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Toy Story 4

I am a late entrant into the Toy Story mythology. I started to watch it only after I read about Steve Jobs and Pixar. I had rewatched the trilogy multiple times when my son started to watch it. So, all my memories related to Toy Story is quite fresh. Some months ago, I read the book Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull. It says a ton about the creative process at Pixar and making of Toy Story.

When the news of Toy Story 4 was known, I was quite okay because Pixar and Disney have multiple movie franchises. Another sequel is not groundbreaking news. But anyways it is a Pixar movie, which means it gets watched with the entire family.

My son and I were prepping for v4 by watching all the three movies again yesterday. I was casually browsing Wikipedia and IMDB about Toy Story. It was then I realised the first movie was released in 1995. OMG. It is almost 25 years old franchise and the last movie, Toy Story 3, came in 2010. 

The story and screenplay is so well-crafted and heartwarming; it connects with kids and adults any day. Somehow the clever and intelligent marketing machinery of Pixar and Disney keeps movie and the memory of it afresh. A couple of years ago, we had visited Disneyland. The highlight of our trip was the rides and characters based out of Toy Story.

We loved the movie, Toy Story 4, very much. The character of Forky is fantastically written. Every one of us can peel many layers, understand and enjoy the movie in our way. The screenplay is so accommodative of such narratives and understanding. In short, it is worth the ten-year wait for this sequel.

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