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See You Tomorrow

Call it the Baader Meinhoff effect or pure happenstance. I had written yesterday about the importance of Black Panther as a movie and also as an instrument to have a conversation on race and discrimination. Today I bumped into another fantastic sci-fi in Netflix, See You Tomorrow, but beautifully framing the problem and expressing it.

To come up to speed, let me summarise my simple heuristics for movies of this kind.

  • They are politically aware of problems and doesn't shy away from talking about it.

  • They don't intend to invoke pity or "tcho tchcho" feelings from the audience. They want you to be aware of the problem and talk about it. No pity.

  • At a surface level, it is quite an engaging and good film. If people don't want to be bothered by race or any other shit, the film engages with them at the entertainment quotient level.

See You Tomorrow, is a sci-fi about two super genius kids in Brooklyn trying to take a shot at time-travel. The crack the problem and they find a way to travel back by a day or so. But they are black kids, during a time-travel trip and they face a discrimination and police-shoot-out problem. They try to go back to fix and so on. It is extremely well made.

What stood out beyond the technical prowess is the genius way they combined the social commentary about the violence faced by black people and time travel as an instrument to overcome it. It is an odd combination but it is powerful and excellent in injecting these conversations among the mass.

Later I found in the credits that it is produced by Spike Lee and no wonder it so well thought and very well made.

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