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Distribution, distribution, distribution

Distribution, distribution, distribution

(Say the title in Steve Ballmer's way for more impact)

Some of the key lessons from the writing course on distribution. Watching this lesson, it was a riff off of my previous posts on platforms and the need for independence from the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Why email is still the king in distribution? Why you should own the distribution channel?

  • Email is old and open source. It has passed the Lindy test of time. It is one of the robust technologies. It will not die soon as many startups claim. 

  • No company or platform owns the "email". Sure, there are service providers and hosting providers for accessing email, but unlike the platforms, it is quite robust. You can always switch providers if you are not happy with one.

  • Email provides an intimate way to communicate with your friends, peers and network. Getting a space in one's inbox and their attention is probably a precious one.

  • Establishing such a trust with people who are interested in your work is a valuable asset. It can be used as a two-way communication to get feedback on the ideas and writings.

  • We need not pander to the audience, but we can be sensitive on what people say, what people like and what people think. By this way, you constantly adjust the model of your world in your mind. So that the content you produce is much more relevant and valuable.

  • Lastly, setting up an email distribution list is so easy. The technology is very democratised and it is up for everyone's grabs.

Key Point I noticed is:

  • Establish a cadence of delivery (weekly, fortnightly or monthly)

  • Enjoy the content shared in the email. It can be very simple. Some personal updates/learnings. Some interesting articles or quotes or images. That's it.

  • The early audience need not be huge. It can be family, friends and co-workers. Slowly you can improve it, but the key point is to establish a habit of sending the email, very similar to writing daily at 200WaD

  • The most important thing is to enjoy this process and really have fun doing this. If not, the entire exercise is worthless and futile

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