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Black Mirror - Season 5

Black Mirror is part of our cultural zeitgeist. It is as popular as GoT in the sci-fi-dystopia-fans circle or at least in the group I hang out in Twitter and office. My group likes Handmaid's Tale, Man in the high castle and all such shit. 

This season of Black Mirror is quite short. It has only three episodes. It is not extremely black or hopeless like the previous seasons. It is also not incredibly tech heavy or futurist at all. It is probably the most humane seasons ever. It is more of a thriller/drama with a sci-fi background. Yes, I can understand why critics and people are pissed off with this season. It has no groundbreaking future idea. It doesn't have that biting sarcasm and blackness in it. It is more like if the technology can do something, how does it affect boredom and marriage? What are the dangerous second-order effects of such a seemingly boring feature like notifications on a mobile phone? If someone could take a snapshot of your brain and load it in a computer, what are the funny side effects it can have?

Yes, if you find these questions boring, this season may not hit the right nerves for you. But I liked it. It is not a dumbed down sci-fi but a more accessible and relatable version of it. The loyal fans might be disappointed, but I am only a loyal fan of "Barry", so I was quite happy with this season of Black Mirror.

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