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House of Carbs

House of Carbs

I got introduced to ketogenic diet through an expert coach three years ago. A long time ago, I had started to experiment with food and nutrition after watching a BBC show by Michael Mosley. One thing leads to another, and I had gotten to know the books of Gary Taubes. I understand he evokes an extreme reaction in the nutrition sciences community. But I have a high affinity towards his arguments on why carbs are bad and more importantly, why healthy fats are excellent.

After doing some random self-experiments and failing to see any effects on me, I sought out for an expert in this area and found one after a lot of difficulties. Remember this is almost three years ago and in India, the keto-fever or low-carb movement was just beginning. After a few discussions, I had started my proper ketogenic diet.

It was then I realised the following is a deadly combo:

  • Expert with excellent coaching skills

  • Good community for practising the skill

  • Constant data-driven feedback loop

I live with my parents. My parents are Indian vegetarians. I'm an ovo-vegetarian, ready to explore any cuisine. When my coach had asked me to exclude certain kinds of foods and start looking into the labels carefully, it was mayhem. 

I feel the entire society is conspiring against you with its carbs 😛. Everywhere you look, you see only carbs. Restaurants, snacks at home, snacks from grocery shops, roadside eateries. Everywhere.

It was surprising to notice the invisible sugar in all the foods. Ketchup, sauces, cookies, biscuits and what not. All contain some form of sugar. 

It took almost three months for me to come to terms with this. No carbs. No sugar. But tasty food. Fortunately, it is possible to stick to a plan with a proper coach. I got recommendations on what to do and what not to. I lost significant weight. Visibly there were very noticeable changes in my body.

I am consciously not giving the exact food or tools about keto or my exact weight loss brag or before-after photo. The whole point of this post is not to convert people to keto. My goal is to add more weight to the ongoing movement against high sugar intake and high simple-carb intake. 

If you find this post interesting, I would suggest you talk to your physician and consult with a proper keto coach to get started on this.

Podcast Alert (a.k.a) Why I love the podcast, Acquired.

Podcast Alert (a.k.a) Why I love the podcast, Acquired.

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