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How to fail at almost everything and still win big

No, it is not my clickbait-y title. It is a memoir/self-help book written by Scott Adams, the Dilbert cartoonist. Reading a cartoonist’s advice on life, health, and diet might be a risky idea. I figured he is almost as old as my father and why not give it a shot, to read experiences from a father like a figure. Moreover, he sounded cool in a Tim Ferriss podcast.

Some parts of the book, especially talking about his early career, is quite annoying. He says he is skill-free but gets promoted and finally fired as he hit the diversity ceiling. I will leave them there.

Two things, I liked from the book:

Goals vs Systems: I understand, a goal, for example, means, “reduce 10 kgs in the next six months” but a system will be, “eat healthy food and be strong and fit”. I really liked this concept, as you are living under a constant pressure of failure in a goal-based approach, but in a systems-based approach, you keep learning what are all the healthy foods that you can eat, make the best out of the existing situation and keep improving. The journey to reach your destination in goal-based approach can be filled with guilt and near failure, which sucks.

Affirmations: Say to yourself, repeatedly (at least 15 times), every day on what you want to be and you will become that. This sounds like Alchemist-voodoo crap. Scott is also aware of this. He has mentioned several disclaimers in his book about this. I find it curious and amusing because this is what religion does to people in the name of prayers. Psychologists say that this is positive thinking and positive visualization. But it is a nice mechanism to stay optimistic.

Do give this book a shot and share your views, I am curious.

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